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About Your Artist

My name is Mark Weston, I have been in the art field for almost 50 years. I have been tattooing for 45 years.

My experience covers Pin Striping, Truck Lettering, Hand Painted Signs, Neon Signs, Hand Carved Signs, Glass Carving, Stained Glass, Sculptures in Wood and Glass, and Airbrush. My work adorns the entryway to Peterbilt Trucks in Denton, Texas and I have done work for Queen Elizabeth and numerous celebrities here in the USA.

I also do Engraving on almost any material including Guns and Knives.

My Tattoo work is Custom, bring me a couple of pictures or ideas, and I will make you a one-of-a-kind tattoo that no one else has.

I have done women's permanent make-up, and scar camouflage for both men and women.

Starting in 2006 I opened Artistry Concepts doing traditional tattooing, women's eyebrows, and repairing scar's.

In 2007 I came up with a procedure to make balding men and women look like they had a full head of hair, just buzzed short. In 2008 I invented a 3 round needle that was smaller than a traditional single needle for doing replicated hair follicles and in 2015 got a US Patent on it and my method. I have been doing scalp pigmentation for better than 14 years now with "The Weston System". I love doing that work but have missed traditional tattoo work. So now, I have opened Rabid Raccoon Tattoo in order to enjoy the pleasures of doing artwork again. 

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