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Permanent Eyebrows

Ladies, have you been getting your eyebrows micro-bladed? Maybe you have spent an hour each day drawing them on and finding that they are not perfect, and if they do come out right, you wash them off and do them again the next day.

I can end this craziness for you in one sitting, my work is not semi-permanent, they are PERMANENT! Meaning, forever, never doing them again.

Get up every morning and spend that time you spent on eyebrows on something else.

More About Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent eyebrows for women, and now, more and more men. For many, it is a necessity.

But whoever needs them should know a few important facts about permanent eyebrows before

You sit down in someone’s chair and have them start altering your looks, permanently.

First and foremost, the artist. Having been in the tattoo and art field for close to 50 years now, I can

tell you that there are a whole lot of people out there doing this type of work that do not belong in this industry. Think about it, we are talking about your looks. When someone takes a needle and ink to your face, it is life-changing. And be it for the better or for the worst, it is permanent.

So, having just anyone do the work on you, being it eyebrows or any other permanent makeup procedure, including scalp micro pigmentation and traditional tattoos. And let us not leave out the hair transplant option, is a big decision, taking it lightly could leave you paying a cost in the end that you were not prepared for. You can be permanently scarred for life, just by going to the wrong person to have your procedure done. So, for your own sake, research, research, and research some more. There is nothing better for you than to have a complete understanding of the procedure, the artist, the side effects, and in the end, your permanent looks.

So, let's look at a few of the facts about permanent makeup.

First, semi-permanent and permanent pigments are permanent, but not in the way you would hope they would be. Both types of pigments fade away. Depending on the pigment, they fade to a color that was not the desired color for you, and you must go back and have it done again because now your eyebrows are not the color they were the day you had the procedure done, they are a blue, green, or pink tint. When you have the corrective work done, it looks good for another year or two, and then the tint you see is even more pronounced. This will continue until the new pigment you are putting in will no longer cover the undesired tint that you now have. Even lasering will usually not completely remove the unwanted tint.

Then we have the scaring. Each time you have any type of tattooing work done; you are scarring the tissue. If this is done enough times, your skin will no longer accept pigment in a way that will look Like the original time you had it done. I have seen that this was a problem 25 years ago and decided to do something original. Do eyebrows one time and have them look great for a lifetime or close to it.

So that is what I did, I formulated pigments that would be permanent but at the same time not change colors over time. What we have is a line of pigments that gradually turn from the original color to gray. Meaning that your eyebrows will always match your original hair color and not having to have touch-ups done every couple of years or less.

So why does everyone do this with permanent cosmetic pigments and not regular tattoo pigments. There are a few reasons. First, allergic reactions. There is a boatload of pigments out there that are very toxic, most coming from China. If you are unlucky enough to find an artist that buys their pigments on Amazon or the likes, you could have big problems.

The next reason is the biggest, money… cash, scratch, greenbacks… Call it what you will, but the fact that the pigments do not last is for the reason that you keep coming back. I read an article put out by a major permanent make-up pigment provider that read: “return customers are good business.” OK, but at what cost? The customer with the permanently solid eyebrows that look like they were applied with a sharpie marker? Or maybe the lady or man that looks perpetually surprised out of their mind.

All of this is a bad thing for the customer, period.

This is why I am offering eyebrows for men and women that will be there for the rest of most people's lives, never needing to have them retouched every few years, just a completely natural-looking set of eyebrows that no one will ever notice as not being the real thing. And my charge for this is extremely minimal when you look at what you get from us, and what you don’t. Ours, like our “Scalp Pigmentation” is a one-time procedure that will last for most people's lifetime. We match your hair color so your eyebrows have the natural look that they should have.

When you come to Mark at The Weston Center for your procedure, you will get the experience of Mark Weston, I have almost 30 years of experience doing eyebrows, I am sure I can make you happy.

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